Connecting the World through Education and Exchanges

Developing Relationships - Online or Onsite.....

K-12 students engage in

collaborative problem solving,

studying common themes through

computer-supported collaborative

learning environments, to acquire

21st Century skills and become

better collaborators andneighbors

in a knowledge-based society.



Get a closeup look at what is

new and innovative in a wide

range of industries and sectors

abroad while making contacts

that could lead to collaborative

relationships while accessing

information to improve

business at home.

Connecting educators - teachers,

principals and auxiliary staff - to

a Community of Practice for

improving skills, learning from

each other, and gaining access 

to ongoing professional

development, best practices,

and other invaluable resources.


Developing the
knowledge, skills and dispositions for global
competence in the
21st Century. 

We live in a globally interconnected

world that requires a different set of

knowledge, skills and dispositions;

this is commonly referred to as

Global Competence. Through

education and exchanges, individuals

young and old alike embark on life-

long learning to acquire indispensable

and essentials skills that will facilitate

cross-cultural problem-solving through

inclusive dialogue, where they are able

to consider multiple perspectives to

improve their own critical thinking and

comparative learning.

When we equip our children with global

competence – an awareness of the issues

facing societies around the world – they

will become better global citizens and

capacitated, competent leaders of

tomorrow’s societies. When adults acquire

global competence, they are prepared for

globalization, able to develop important

relationships for business, education and

the workforce while also being competitive

in global markets. Educators are able to

influence their students as some of the

most important adults in a young person's

life, acting as coaches, guides and

mentors on a child's journey toward

acquiring global competence and the

important skills-sets required to achieve

success in an interdependent global


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A joint project sponsored by:

Knowledge Building in Action
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
P.O. Box 530549, Miami Shores, FL 33138
Tel: + 1 (305) 351-6815

Global Skills Network, scp

A European consultancy for Erasmus Plus projects

Apartado Postal 19029, 08027 Barcelona, Spain


Let us help YOU acquire

Global Competence!

For professionals seeking international contacts or a

deeper understanding of a sector, we can help arrange

an invaluable international exchange experience. For

students participating in our partnered classrooms, it

is exciting to communicate with their peers in other

countries. Teachers benefit by belonging to a

Community of Practice that offers access to best

practices and mentoring. Industry representatives find

new and innovative solutions to challenges in business

and commerce, while public policy officials and staffers

find constructive interface for policy discussion, debates

and networking. All gain a deep understanding of globally-

significant issues.